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Aluminum stage barrier

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    September 12, 2021 7:55 PM MDT


    The aim of Shizhan Barriers’ products is to make events safer and easier for event organisers. As well as patented aluminum stage barrier, which are still the most reliable aluminum stage barrier system available on the market, Shizhan Barriers also has a vast portfolio encompassing a range of other innovative products designed for use at outdoor and indoor events of all sizes.

    All of Shizhan Barriers aluminum stage barrier and other products are independently tested, and proven to be the safest possible solution. Before and after each event every safety aluminum stage barrier or product is checked manually to ensure they are in the perfect condition – both structurally and aesthetically.

    With thousands of meters of aluminum stage barrier available worldwide, specialist related curves and angles to create unique configurations, and a dedicated logistics team to ensure fast and efficient delivery, Shizhan Barriers can cater for an incredible number and variety of events.

    Shizhan Barriers has also developed a range of supplementary related products, most notably a variety of entry gate systems to improve crowd management and safety.